News! – Why I’ll be living in Belgrade for 5 weeks

I have tons of half finished posts – about packing, about going to go a Japanese hospital, about it taking 2 weeks to get a pedicure – but this information I want to share with you now because as we finish up our time in Asia, I’m starting to get excited for the next big chapter in the Adventure.

I have accepted a volunteer position with the Refugee Language Initiative teaching English in Belgrade!

This is something that’s been in the works for months now. I had thought about doing volunteer work on the Adventure for at least a year before we left, but it took a conversation with another traveler in Vietnam to get me to send the first email. I had been having a tough night missing home and she told me she had felt similarly until she did a month-long yoga retreat – something that was personally fulfilling to her – and suggested I find something that would be the same for me.

Since then, I have been talking to the coordinator at RLI about placement. Back in April, they didn’t know where they’d need teachers in July or August, which was my timeframe. We talked about Greece and Serbia and agreed to check back in with each other the first week of June when they’d have a better idea about placements for the summer.

Last week I committed 4 weeks – July 3-28 in Belgrade, Serbia – to work with adult refugees, most likely women. The program is already going on and students are attending even through Ramadan – that is how committed they are to learning. I am expecting to work 3 days a week and spend the rest of my time relaxing and enjoying the opportunity to fully unpack and also doing some traveling around the area.

Right now I’m working through an online course about teaching English and reading about Belgrade. We have an apartment in one of the nicest areas of the city – full of parks, shops, and restaurants and with good public transit. We leave Japan on June 27th to give me the opportunity to settle in maybe observe some classes before I start working.

Well, that’s the big news for right now! Now to get back to those half-finished blog posts you’ve all been asking about!



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  1. Sounds wonderful and something that will be both fulfilling and helpful. Congratulations and Enjoy!

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