Starting a packing list… and some other progress, too!

Jason and I just got back from our last major trip before we leave on the adventure. We spent a week sailing in the British Virgin Islands. It was amazing – I wish I was still there. But life must go on and in order to get through this last month of work and on to the adventure, we had to come home.

I’m very proud to report we’ve made some real progress on the action items from a few posts back. Well, I’m making progress and Jason participates when prompted 😛

1. I started a packing list!!! I ordered a few things online that will come with me if they fit and have identified a few other things that need to be replaced if possible. Can I travel for 6 months with only the underwear I own now? Probably. Do I want to try? Not really. I also need a pair of really good walking/light hiking shoes – I’m thinking Merrells.

2. I THINK we have the health insurance situation figured out. Using our 2017 earning expectation (read: LOW) we qualify for a nice subsidy through Covered California. We’re getting a very basic plan that allows us to use our doctor when we’re home, but the cost sharing is significant. We also have a robust travel medical policy picked out through GeoBlue so we can take care of smaller things that come up while traveling and if something serious comes up, we can travel home for treatment without blowing through our savings.

3. Speaking of savings, the Japanese Encephalitis is so expensive, it’s probably out of reach for many travels, especially young people. Sure, the chance of picking up this mosquito-born disease is tiny, but the consequences are severe – many people get brain damage, slip into a coma, or die :/

3b. We went to the travel medicine clinic and are both being vaccinated for Hep A (this is our 2nd dose, so now lifetime immunity,) Typhoid (we were at the tail end of the effectiveness from our last dose, so now we have another 5 years,) Jason finished his Hep B series (yes, the childhood vaccine,) and we both did a TB test. The doctor said that it’s good to do a test before you because if you come back with it, they will know how long you’d had it, or at least that it was certainly from the trip. He also prescribed some antibiotics and super strength hydrocortisone cream we can bring with us “just in case.”

4. I’ve decided I’m straightening my hair again. Sure, this doesn’t seem like a big deal to those that don’t know, but it’s very costly and permanent, which means when I decide to stop, I have to wait for the straightened hair to grow out and cut it off before my hair is all one texture again. However, this means no hair dryers or hair irons are traveling with me and I’ll still have presentable hair.

5. We have a confirmed place for Kitty to stay! Those of you that know me well know that this is a BIG DEAL.

6. I’m giving notice at work on Tuesday and my last day will be Wednesday, December 28th. On the 29th, I fly home to spend New Years with my family in Vermont.

What’s left to do?

1. Actually buy the health and travel medical insurance.
2. Check ups for Kitty & Boba and update their shots as needed.
3. Rent a storage space, hire movers, and organize/pack the apartment. Sell, giveaway, and donate a bunch of stuff. Ugh this is going to be a huge project.
4. Give notice on our apartment.
5. Finish up my Invisalign and see if my orthodontist will do permanent retainers, at least for the trip.
6. Visas for China & Russia

More updates to come 🙂