To Do:

We’re currently working through a list of items that need to be sorted out before we leave. I’m sure I’ll write more about some of these as the weeks go by, but here’s what we’re currently thinking about –

1. Selling, giving away, donating, or tossing out most of our stuff. We’re breaking our lease, so what doesn’t go into our storage unit needs to find a new home, even if it’s the trash.

2. Forwarding our mail to one of our parents’ homes or a mail service. What’s our address when we don’t have a place to live?

3. We still need to find a temporary home for our cat. Boba will be staying at Jason’s parents’ house.

4. Health insurance – both for travel and also a US policy, since we won’t have our employer-sponsored plans after we quit our jobs.

5. Packing – what to bring and what not to bring. Jason and I are planning to travel with carry-on size suitcases and backpacks.

6. Deciding where we are going first, buying our one-way plane tickets, choosing where to stay when when we get to our first destination. As of August 7th, it looks like this will be Taipei, Taiwan, but it is totally subject to change. (Done 8/27!)

7. Break the lease (30 days notice) and give notice to both of our employers.

More on each of these to come 🙂