Where are we going?

This is probably the question I get asked most often, maybe after “You’re doing what?!” and “Why?!” so it’s really the first question of substance. I wish I had a great answer, but it’s that I don’t know.

In the past 3-6 months, Jason and I have put together something of an outline. It’s a list of countries we want to see in a reasonable order, but subject (and likely) to change:

Taiwan – China – South Korea – Japan – Mongolia – Russia – Eastern/Central Europe

Really the only question is how much time we’ll spend in each country and if we’ll need to fill some time elsewhere so it’s warm enough by the time we start heading north.

Enter Thailand. Is Thailand an ultimate bucket list destination for me? No, not really. But is it full with cool stuff I’d love to see? Hells yeah. It’s also warm and doesn’t require a visa, so it’s a great stand-by time filler (if waiting for weather warmer) or tropical “vacation from the vacation” if needed. I’ve been hearing great things about Chiang Mai and have also wanted to scuba dive in southeast Asia – can you say whale sharks?!

So for now, the answer to “where” are you going continues to be be “well, we don’t really know.” I think we’ll only know 1-2 cities ahead of wherever we are at given moment, unless we are meeting people with committed travel plans. A close friend is celebrating her birthday in Hawaii in November, so we’re planning to be there for sure 😎