Not much left to do now … (T-10 days!!!)

When I say there is not much left to do, that’s not completely true. The sheer number of items to accomplish has diminished significantly, but we are still not as packed as we should be. We also have a list of places all over the bay area we need to drive to next week to drop things off.

Both of the pets went to their temporary homes this past week. Thank you Faraz, Priya, Mary, and Pete for taking care of our furballs while we’re away.

Jason and I are currently in Tucson getting Boba settled and will be home on Sunday. We’ll then have 3 days to pack up the house before the movers arrive Thursday morning. Ugh, I am so dreading the packing & moving – at least I got a bigger storage unit so I no longer worry about it all fitting.

The one significant change we made this week is that we are no longer staying in a hostel in Taiwan. I booked a loft studio on Airbnb for slightly more than our private room in the hostel. Honestly, I know I’m going to want to kick back and relax in Thailand after all of the stress of preparing for the trip and moving everything into storage, so I think it’s the right call. Having a kitchen to make breakfast in and our own couch to lay around on in our PJs will be much appreciated.

But back to what’s going on at home… everything posted on Craigslist has sold or was given away. We only have our two office chairs left that if not claimed, will be given to Goodwill. We also may have two bookshelves to give away, depending on if the person I think wanted them still does 🙂

I wanted to do a huge packing post where I talk about what I’m bringing and how I’m packing, but I think I’m going to do that from Taiwan. With all the stuff we have to do when we get back home, I just don’t know if I’ll be blogging again before we leave. Maybe Friday once we are moved out of the apartment? Or maybe Saturday while sitting in the airport? Although at that point, I’m sure all I’d be able to say is OMG WE ARE LEAVING.

Everything that I’ve had to buy online has arrived (except for one thing that tracking says arrived in SF today) and really the only shopping we still need to do is at CVS for some over the counter drugs we want to bring with us and a few items from REI.

Right now I’m trying to relax and not worry about the packing since I can’t do anything about it from Arizona. I’m also reading a ton of packing posts from travel blogs to make sure I’m really not forgetting anything.

Thanks again for reading and I promise there will be pretty pictures soon! 10 days!!!



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  1. You have this well under control and I have to agree that a 1st stop upgrade in your accommodations makes a great deal of sense to me! It’s the 1st of what will be many and your #1 home base, get our feet wet, let it set in. This will be very helpful as you look toward the days and weeks that will follow. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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