So much to do … (T-2.5 weeks!!!)

Another week has gone by – can you believe it? Jason and I will be out of this apartment and on a plane in 19 days. I vacillate between feeling like I’m not doing enough and being too hard on myself every. single. day.

I’ve been through all of the apartment trying to get rid of everything we’re not keeping. I’ve given away tons, sold a few things, and kept probably too much, but I also rented a storage unit bigger than we had initially planned so it will all fit. All this planning and I still can’t pare it down as far as I want, but I really like the little Japanese cat tchotchke we were given for our wedding!

Everything on my list from the last post got accomplished in the past week, so I won’t bore you with an outline. It took an extra day, but it’s done.

A couple of big successes for the past few days – we were approved for our health insurance (insurances?) – both US and travel! They become effective February 1st. We’re just waiting for the cards now and when we get them, I’ll get to take both items off the to-do list!

Also, the health insurance provided by Jason’s employer (effective until January 31st) covered a very expensive anti-malaria pill that is rare to have covered and very expensive to pay for out of pocket, saving us at least a couple hundred dollars. We have one Japanese Encephalitis shot left on Wednesday (sadly they only cover a small portion of those) and then we’re done with vaccines!

Everything that has to be ordered online has been ordered and most of it has arrived. Everyone who needed to know about our trip has been told. All of the appointments that we needed to make have been scheduled. There is little (if anything) we still need to figure out – it’s just about following through now, filling the boxes literally and figuratively. Even just writing that out feels surreal.

As we look ahead to next week, it’s a lot of packing, a trip to the vet for Kitty & Boba, Kitty goes to stay with our friends, and on Friday we on a plane for a weekend in Las Vegas. I’m hoping that will keep me motivated to get as much done this week as I can.



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  1. “Pack up and go” is never just pack up and go. New ground just doesn’t get broken, you have to break it yourself. Great job doing all this new stuff that has to get done before you begin a very special adventure for you both! Dad

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